Students, Parents, and Staff Together-

               Teamwork for a Healthier Tomorrow



Child Nutrition Department


Students, Parents, and Staff Together -

Teamwork for a Healthier Tomorrow

Parents, guardians, and other family members are a big part of our life and work here in the Child Nutrition Department.  Child Nutrition Staff are present at registration to give information about Child Nutrition and to assist with applications for the School Meals Programs.  We have quite a few meals and other events during the school year that are especially planned for parent visits.  These are excellent times for parents and guardians to learn about the food and the Child Nutrition Program here at the school.

Photo of Patrick Nixon and Barbara Cole   Photo of a student and her family

On registration day, students, staff, and parents look in astonishment at some visual aids showing the contents and potential effects of regular consumption of sugary soft drinks, while Director Barbara Cole sits by with some healthy snacks to enjoy.

Photo of a student and her family   Photo of a student and her family

Parents and students enjoy good company and good food on Take Your Parent to Lunch Day.

Updated 1-5-2016