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In order to supplement classroom instruction and to provide intensive intervention for addressing specific needs, the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides a variety of related support services.  Services provided include speech and language development, physical  and occupational therapy and psychological testing.   In addition, ASBVI maintains a low-vision clinic staffed with an optometrist to insure that students are provided with glasses and aids for maximizing their ability to get the most out of their vision.

Speech and Language Development

The Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired employs a certified speech and language pathologist to provide services prescribed in the IEP.  The speech-language pathologist (SLP) conducts speech and language evaluations using (as necessary) observation, language sampling, and standardized instruments to diagnose and determine treatment for a variety of speech and/or language disorders. If the student requires therapy, the SLP develops individualized goals and objectives as a part of the studentís Individualized Education Program. The speech-language pathologist conducts therapy to correct speech and/or language delays or disorders through individual and/or group sessions.

Many of the hearing related services at ASBVI are coordinated by the speech-language pathologist.  She conducts annual hearing screenings on the students of ASBVI using the Arkansas Department of Healthís School Hearing Screening Protocol. In the event a student fails his/her hearing screening, the student is referred to an audiologist for a full audiological evaluation. By attending the evaluation and communicating with the audiologist who conducts the evaluation, the speech-language pathologist is able to refine programming strategies and communicate with the student's classroom teacher to insure that adequate modifications are employed.  She also oversees the Daily Listening Check program for students who use amplification (FM Systems or Hearing Aids) to insure that their equipment is properly functioning. The speech-language pathologist provides training for the staff as necessary on the use of FM Systems and Hearing Aids.

Contracted Services

It is more economical to contract for a number of services in order to meet the needs of all students.  ASBVI contracts with OnSite which provides physical and occupational therapy for all students who require these services.  OnSite is a service provider which serves several local school districts and is highly respected.  Therapists work at ASBVI, evaluating students, writing and monitoring goals and providing direct intervention.  In addition, OnSite provides  speech-language pathologists to assist the pathologist at ASBVI in serving all students who require speech therapy.  ASBVI contracts with a pediatrician who sees students once a week in the infirmary and who is always on call.  Also, ASBVI contracts with an optometrist who works in the low-vision clinic.

Students at ASBVI are required to take all standardized tests which are mandated by law.  The counselor who is a permanent staff member administers these tests.  However, ASBVI contracts with a licensed psychological examiner who administers psychological evaluations as needed.  By contracting with service providers, the number of individuals who provide a specific service can be increased or decreased from year to year based on the needs of the changing student enrollment.   

Low Vision Clinic

A low-vision clinic located in the east wing of the administration building serves ASBVI students and students with visual impairments attending public schools.  Activities of the clinic are coordinated by a staff member who schedules appointments and determines the appropriate steps to take based on the results of the examination.  An optometrist who is a specialist in the use of visual aids sees students at the clinic each Tuesday, does a thorough examination, monitors vision for  stability and recommends visual aids when appropriate.  Depending on the doctor's recommendations, the clinic coordinator may order visual aids for students, advise parents on how to secure recommended aids, schedule training in the use of a visual aid or discuss the doctor's recommendations with the student's classroom teacher to insure that recommendations are implemented.  For more information concerning the low-vision clinic or to schedule an appointment, you may contact Teresa Doan, (501) 293-1810; or you may email: Teresa Doan. 

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Health Services

Excellent health facilities at ASBVI insure the delivery of quality health services to all students.  The infirmary is a licensed hospital which provides 24-hour nurse's care, a pediatrician who makes weekly visits to the school and who is always on call.  An arrangement with Arkansas Children's hospital allows the school to transport students to that facility in event of an emergency. The medical staff is supervised by the special education supervisor who reviews hearing screenings, medical reports of nurses and recommendations of the optometrist who works out of the low vision clinic.  In so doing, the special education supervisor insures that efforts of nurses, the speech and language pathologist and the low-vision specialist are coordinated.   Up-to-date medical records and coordinated efforts insure that students' health needs are met, that students' vision is closely monitored  and that community health services are accessed when such services are needed.