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We often receive calls inquiring about where to obtain a vision product or vision service. In response to those inquiries, the following list has been compiled. This list is by no means complete. Be advised that the listing of a vendor on this page does not constitute an endorsement. Remember that there are many vendors who sell the products listed. It is necessary to do a product search on the internet and contact several vendors in order to do comparative shopping. It is impossible to list all products. Click on the link to be taken to the respective web sites of these organizations.

American Printing House for the Blind

Founded in 1858, the APH manufactures Braille, large type, recorded, computer disk, and tactile graphic publications, as well as a wide assortment of educational and daily living products. The APH also offers a variety of services to assist consumers and professionals in the field of vision, such as Louis, A a database listing materials available in accessible media from organizations across North America. For more information on the wide variety of services and products provided by the APH, click on the link above.


(Arkansas Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired)

Library for the Blind

(501) 682-1155 Offers library books in recorded form and some books in Braille at no cost to consumers with reading disabilities.

Division of Services for the Blind

(501) 682-5463: Provides job training and assistance, and assistance in the acquisition of skills for independent living to Arkansans who are visually impaired.

Lions World Services

(501) 664-7100, (800) 248-0734: A comprehensive rehabilitation center offering job placement services and instruction in the acquisition of independent living skills.

Arkansas Radio Reading Services for the Blind

Broadcasts readings of local and national newspapers and magazines daily over special television or radio channels to provide independent access to current information for print-handicapped individuals. For information, call Radio Reading Services for the Blind Network at 501-852-5125 or outside Little Rock 1-800-645-8125

American Foundation for the Blind

Provides information on visual impairment and sells Braille and large print materials, games, and a wide variety of adaptive products for persons who are visually impaired.

Braille Bug

This is a fun website created by the American Foundation For The Blind to promote Braille awareness as well as give sighted children the opportunity to learn how Braille works. There is helpful information here for both children and adults.

National Federation of the Blind

An organized consumer group of persons with visual impairments which works to assist persons who are visually impaired through legislation and education; this organization offers a wide variety of adaptive materials and aids.

American Council of the Blind

An organized consumer group of persons with visual impairments which works to assist persons who are visually impaired through legislation and education; this organization offers a wide variety of adaptive materials and aids.

National Braille Press

Offers a variety of books for young children and adults. The Children’s Braille Book Club produces a Braille-print book each month for readers from preschool to 4th grade. These books feature the entire print text and pictures with the addition of a clear plastic sheet for the brailled text. Some of the books also have tactile drawings. National Braille Press carries several self-help books (from recipes to computer manuals) as well as other popular literature such as "Harry Potter."

Seedlings Braille Books For Children

Is perhaps best known for the variety of Twin-Vision board books they produce for young readers. Many of the "Touch And Feel" books found at your local bookstore can be found at Seedlings, with the addition of Braille placed on clear labels onto the book. They also offer a few Scratch-and-Sniff books and occasionally a sound-book or two. Seedlings also offers books for older readers; some of which are double-spaced in Braille with the print text just above the brailled line. Seedlings also carries the magnetic letters from Playschool which feature Braille on them. They have some novelty items promoting Braille literacy such as shirts and brailled key-chains.

Exceptional Teaching Aids

Offers not only supplies for teachers, but some things that parents might find useful as well. You can buy Braille alphabet blocks which feature both the print and Braille letters. They also have two "Touch And Color" coloring books with raised-line drawings. They offer anti-roll crayons which you may buy to accompany these books. The flat side is great for placing a Braille label to identify the color for the blind user.

Braille Bibles International

Offers a Braille Bible, free of charge, to families having Braille readers. There are two Bibles, written just for children, to choose from--the Beginners Bible and the Children’s Bible. The Beginner’s Bible is for preschool-age children and contains the entire print text and pictures, with the addition of plastic sheets displaying the Braille. The Children’s Bible is Braille-only, for ages 6-11, containing 365 stories.

Freedom Scientific

Manufactures "JAWS" screen readers, "Braille'n Speak," a Braille note taker and "Open Book" text scanning software. Both products are used by many persons with visual impairments.


Manufactures screen magnification programs and "Window-eyes," an excellent screen reading program.

Independent Living Aids

Sells a number of products for use by persons with visual impairments.


Sells a multitude of products including screen reading software, screen magnification programs, "Braillenote," a Braille note taker, Braille embossers, Braille translation software and numerous talking aids.

Accessing PDF Files

Click this link to download the "Adobe Acrobat Program" which enables persons with visual impairments to read PDF files with speech.